Getting used to this…

I’m having a ball getting used to how I am now. I feel like more of the old me is coming back but now I appreciate things more. I used to feel fat sometimes when I was younger. Now I realized that I wasn’t, it was just that society imposed these thoughts on women if we weren’t a size 4. So now I take my weight loss successes and enjoy them. I’m beginning to enjoy clothes shopping again. My confidence level is through the roof now too.

I posted a video on FB from last year. I was trying the “Go live” feature. In this video you can really see the difference in my face. It was full, round and double chin was strong. I had so many people coming up to me the next day saying that they didn’t realize how big the change in me was until they saw that video. They pretty much saw me everyday so the change wasn’t that evident.  I then would tell them the story of how I was washing my face and felt a bump on my jawline. I thought “omg is it a tumor?!” (side note: a friend of mine had a lump on his jawline and it turned out to be cancerous so that’s why I thought that).  Then I realized, nope, it’s just my jawbone, the double chin seemed to disappear overnight. I’m still a little freaked out when I feel that curve under my jawline.

I had another “didn’t recognize you” moment this week. I went to a meeting this week and saw someone who’s in the group who I hadn’t seen in about a month and a half. After the meeting I went over to say hi. He told me that when he first saw me walk in, he was wondering who I was. It wasn’t until after he saw my mom behind me that it hit him who I was. I told him that I saw the double take look on his face and was wondering what that was all about. We had a good laugh about it.

I did have someone say that they’re shocked that I talk about my weight loss so openly. I snapchat about it all the time. I say my weight..out loud. I am not embarrassed about it. It’s a fact and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. As a society, we’re taught that a lady never talks about her weight. Really?! I’ve learned not to be embarrassed about stuff like that. When we talk about things, sometimes people will tell you their experiences or have questions if they’re going through it too. We learn from each other. I’ve had people come up and ask about keto. If they’re interested, I point them to where I learned about it. I’ve also had some people give me ideas on how to better my keto recipes. It’s all about learning from each other and supporting each other.

Ok, time for the weigh in. I lost 1 pound this week but I have noticed a difference in my clothes. Everything fits looser. I bought a few shirts last week and a couple are too big already. Good thing they were only $5 each.  So I will take that 1 pound difference and take joy in the fact that physically I see a change for the better.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 198

Total lost: 44 pounds!!



Drumroll please…199

199 is finally here!!! It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted and I was 202 then. I pretty much was stalled at 200 for the entire time. I just kept eating keto and had faith in the fact that it would happen. In the meanwhile, I could tell that I was losing inches because my clothes were getting looser. Have faith in the system.

199 is my first major goal in my journey. My next is 175, then 160, then it will go down 10 lbs every time because I know it will be harder as the number gets lower. I don’t know how low I want to go. I will be happy with 160. I never really liked it when I was below 135-140 when I was thinner. It was too thin. I’ll make that call when I get there. I’m older and I don’t know how 140 will look on my now.

My treat when I hit 199 was going to be a gluten free pizza but now I’ve changed my mind. I know that pizza will throw me out of ketosis. I’ve worked hard to stay in ketosis and it will take time to get back into it. Plus do I want to go through possible keto flu? No, no I don’t. Plus honestly, temptation isn’t there for it. I picked up a couple of pizzas for the kids and, while the smell was heavenly,  I wasn’t really tempted. I did snag a pepperoni from the top of it but then my stomach hurt afterwards. I forgot, cross-contamination. So that helps with “no temptation”.

We’re going on vacation in 2 weeks and I need to buy some pants because it’s going to be cold in Oregon compared to our heat here in Arizona. All my pants are way too baggy so shopping time. I bought 2 so far. I also bought a gorgeous dressy dress and a casual sleeveless dress. I haven’t worn dresses in at least a decade. I used to wear them all the time but they didn’t look good on me when I was overweight. Now, I am so rocking them. I also tried on a dress I bought last year. I saw it in the store and figured “if I ever lose the weight, it will look so good!”.  I put it on and it fit!! Then I had to go and buy shoes for the dresses. Always something.

So 1st major goal is met. Plus I met my May goal! Pretty dang proud of myself. Gonna ride this high for a while.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 199

Total lost: 43 lbs!!

April update…

So I started April at 210 and my goal was 199. I didn’t hit it. I admit that 11 lbs in one month was unrealistic but I’m always up for a personal challenge. Unfortunately, I actually had gained some weight in the past week. Here’s how it went down.

I was doing so good until this last week and a half. I hit 203 then it all went crazy. I didn’t cheat food-wise.  Instead I ate too much. The weather here in AZ is going back and forth between gorgeous and really warm.  72 one day, 99 the next. Every time the weather changes, my body goes through this horrible adapting period.  I get super tired, I sleep all the time and my body hurts everywhere. My joints start to protest. I take comfort in food. I actually saw the scale hit 210. It hovered between 205 and 207 for a few days but it actually hit 210. I panicked!  I worked so hard and it hurt my soul to see the scale move up like that. But then I gathered my thoughts and said “Self, this is the Year of Accountability. What are we doing? What can we change? Make those changes”. I realized I was eating too much food. Oh and the sugar free candy was not helping. Sugar alcohols stall me big time!!

So it was time for a game plan. No more sugar free candies. Really understand what I’m putting into my body. Make sure to get some healthy fats in everyday. I also decided to try apple cider vinegar. Some fellow group members suggest this to help with a stall. So I started and OMG that stuff is horrible. I do 8 oz of water, 1 teaspoon of ACV, lemon juice and a little bit of Sweet N Low so it kinda tastes like lemonade. I gulp it all down in 2 gulps. Otherwise I can’t do it, it really is bad. Some people do 2 tablespoons of AVC, how?! I do this drink once in the morning and once at night so 2 TEASPOONS total for the day. This is my 3rd day doing it and I went from 207 to 202. That’s 40 lbs lost!!

So there we go. April 30th. 202.  I’ll take that. I’m going to make 199 my May goal. I have a lot going on to get ready for vacation at the end of the month so I’m going to keep on track with my diet and not have an unattainable goal this month. Got my May Game Face on!!

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 202

Total lost: 40!!!

UPDATE: weighed myself the morning of May 1st and hit 200!! 1 more pound and that first major goal is met!!!

Do I know you…

I went to an event for my daughter and I had a few people comment on my weight loss. That always makes my day but that wasn’t as crazy as what happened earlier today. This morning I was at work and I saw this little old woman that works there that is really sweet. I waved hello as I was approaching her but noticed that she had this confused look on her face. I started saying hi and she looked at me and then looked at my badge. She then said “oh! It’s IS you. I didn’t recognize you at first, then you started talking and thought it was you but wasn’t sure. I had to see your badge to make sure. You’ve lost weight, haven’t you? I didn’t recognize you”.

Wow. I lost so much weight that someone didn’t recognize me. LOL


Mystery pants ….

So a couple of months ago, I got a pair of pants. They didn’t fit a friend and they asked if I wanted them. Totally my style so of course I said yes. They didn’t fit but I made them my goal pants. I couldn’t get them past my thighs. I was an 18 at that point so I figured that they’re maybe a 12.

Here’s a pic of my goal pants:

Mystery pants in question

Today I tried them on and I got them up past my butt. I can’t button them, not even close but I got them up!!!  Still think they’re a 12.  It’s the little things in life that make me super happy!

So close I can almost taste it..only if it’s Keto

So I have about a week left in April. I make mini goals every month. I started out April at 210 and my goal was to be 199. I knew that 11 lbs in one month was unrealistic but hey, let’s see where it goes. I have 8 days left and hit 203 this morning.  Now I know that 4 lbs is a lot to lose in 8 days. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t make 199 because I’m pretty psyched that I’m so close to 199.

I’m looking at the BIG picture here. I started 1-1-17 at 242. In 16 weeks I have lost 39 pounds. Wow. I didn’t think I would lose that much in such a short amount of time. When I started Keto, I figured that in a year I would be down 50 pounds so I am pretty happy with my progress. I can’t wait to see how close I get to 199 at the end of next week. I am going to try like hell to hit that number though, don’t get me wrong!

I’ve noticed a pattern. I stall because I’m not getting in enough food, specifically fats. I need to work on that. They’re remodeling at work and the lounge was not accessible this past week so there went my plan to take lunch. I rarely eat lunch at work because, in the past, my stomach issues were so bad that I would always get sick after lunch. I work by myself so I couldn’t be out of commission for a couple of hours especially since I let vendors in and out so it would be obvious if I “disappeared”.  So I just didn’t eat. My body got used to that. I don’t get hungry until after work. Now I keep Atkins Meal replacement bars (Peanut Butter Chocolate is my choice) in my purse so I at least can get something in but I don’t like to rely on them. If I remember to eat my avocado, I get some weight loss. Unfortunately, I forget to do that. So instead of pounds being lost, I lose ounces. I’m going to make it a mission to get those fats in this week!

I posted a facelift friday pic in my FB group yesterday. I can definitely see the difference:


The pic on the left is from my son’s junior high graduation which was almost 6 years ago. I had a hard time finding a pic that fully showed my fat face since I had gotten good at taking pics higher to hide the double chin. My double chin was even bigger in January.  As I see my face thinning out I think “hey, I recognize that person!”.

OK, it’s go time. Let’s see what I can do this next week!!!!

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 203

Total lost: 39, holy shrinking woman, 39!!!!

100 days in…Keto

I’ve done this for over 100 days, which is the amount that I would love to lose total. But so far I’ve lost 36 lbs since 1-1-17. Very happy with that. It’s been way easier than I thought and temptation isn’t really there. I look at something like pizza and, while I would love to eat it, I know that I can’t and temptation is gone. I’m kind of afraid because it’s TOO easy to resist temptation.

This week was the week that people really noticed. I got so many questions from coworkers this week. I was told that I look like a completely different person from the back. So many noticed that my face is significantly thinner. I think the best was when a friend said that she could tell from my arms. She’s right, they’re definitely smaller. I went and tried on clothes at lunch a couple of times and I loved that everything I tried on fit. I haven’t experienced that in AGES!! This past week I also noticed that my legs are getting thinner. Now I just need to tone because loose skin is not good.

And the most bizarre thing that I’ve experienced is that I’m actually feeling cold more often now. I didn’t realize when I was in shape that if you’re overweight, you feel hot all the time. Once I got overweight, I understood that. I wondered why fat people were always sweating and when I was fat, I knew why: I was insulated. Of course I would sweat profusely.  This week I started experiencing being cold again. Work can get warm/hot in certain areas of the store. In the office where I do my morning paperwork, it gets warm but I was actually cold in there. And in my main work area, where it can get hot, I was a little warm but not “OMG I’m going to sweat so much that I leave puddles”. Which is good because here in AZ it gets super hot. Once it got so hot back there that one of my coworkers fainted from heat exhaustion.

I was stalled for a few days but the scale did move this morning: 206.  Only a little more to 199. I know that as I get closer to my main goal, the scale won’t move as much and I’m ok with that. It just means that I’m close.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 206

Total lost: 36

Yes! My Dr supports low carb!

One of my big fears is that my doctor wouldn’t approve of LCHF. I see it all the time on my FB support page. Even though they’re losing weight and the blood tests come back with amazing results, the minute doctors hear LCHF, they’re not supportive.

I finally went for my yearly physical. I have a new doctor at the place I go to. She was impressed with my losing 33 lbs in 3 months and asked how I did it. “I did what the last dr told me to do which was to eat low carb”. I didn’t tell her that he was telling me 100 carbs and I was doing 20ish. She said I was doing great but that 33 was a lot to lose in 3 months. So what type of low carb was I doing? I was kind of hesitant to reply until she told me that she and her husband are doing a form of keto themselves and she supports it fully. Then (and only then) did I tell her. She gave me some great advice along with telling me of a pizza place that does an amazing gluten free pizza. Now I know where to go when I finally have my cheat pizza meal when I hit 199. I go get my blood work in a couple days and am interested in my results. It makes me feel better that my doctor is supportive of this WOE.

After being stalled for a week-ish, the scale is moving. Slowly but surely.  I’m trying hard to make sure I eat more than once a day. This past week was just go, go, go. I ended up making sure I had an Atkins Meal Replacement bar with me everyday that I could eat on the go so I would get some extra meals in.  That seemed to do the trick. I hate using them but I was so busy that I couldn’t work in a meals at certain point. Now I know what to do when that happens. And I need to stop scheduling so much into a day.  On the brighter side of things, I hit 207 and am only 8 lbs from 199 aka “onehundredland”. Yaaassss!!!!

Bra shopping happened. Love being smaller because regular sizes are cheaper and you can find cuter stuff! Oh and I found a Harley Quinn tee that I loved and have been eyeing in an XL and I fit into it!! So now I’m representing:


I must say that I did go into a bit of a depression last week too. After that incident where I realized that I can’t even scrape off the toppings off a pizza because of gluten transfer and getting so sick from it, I went into a funk. I LOVE pizza. It’s the perfect food for me and when I realized that I will never have another Peter Piper Pizza ever again because I don’t want to go through the pain involved, it depressed me. Someone said it was like losing someone and yea, it is. Pizza has always been there for me. It made me happy and especially PPP’s pizza. And now it’s gone. For all of you out there who do LC, what food did you miss emotionally?

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 207

Total lost: 35 lbs!!!!


Clothes shopping is fun again

Quick thoughts on this past week. I realized that I’m a size 16 in pants. SO happy to be able to know that. I spent the day with my Mom recently and she loves to shop. So while shopping, I tried on some more pants and shirts. I used to wear a 3x plus in tops and I now fit into a XL in regular sizes!! I actually fit into some large shirts but I don’t like shirts that hug the body too much (hot flashes make me too hot). I like some “flow” in my tops. But still, a XL!!! I bought some beautiful shirts too.

When you’re plus size, there isn’t that much of a selection. Especially if you don’t have big breasts to match. So I used to find shirts that fit well, then choose a color or design, and really there wasn’t much to chose from. I used to feel so frumpy. I would jump for joy when I found a top that actually fit and was cute. But now, I can find cute tops that fit. So now I’m purging my closet of those shirts that I don’t like but kept because they fit. And I forgot how much cheaper regular sizes are compared to plus sizes.  Next on the shopping agenda: bras.

It’s April 1st (I hate April’s Fools day, thanks Mom) and onto April’s goal of 199 by the end of the month. It’s gonna be a tough one but I’m up to the challenge. 10 lbs. I need to strive for 2.5 lbs lost a week. I stalled this week but I was super busy and not really eating right. Actually, I didn’t eat that much seeing as how I got 1 meal in because I was running everywhere. Didn’t get my fat intake where I wanted it but I got avocados for healthy fat and going to try hard to eat the way I know I need to.

Let’s do this!!!