100 days in…Keto

I’ve done this for over 100 days, which is the amount that I would love to lose total. But so far I’ve lost 36 lbs since 1-1-17. Very happy with that. It’s been way easier than I thought and temptation isn’t really there. I look at something like pizza and, while I would love to eat it, I know that I can’t and temptation is gone. I’m kind of afraid because it’s TOO easy to resist temptation.

This week was the week that people really noticed. I got so many questions from coworkers this week. I was told that I look like a completely different person from the back. So many noticed that my face is significantly thinner. I think the best was when a friend said that she could tell from my arms. She’s right, they’re definitely smaller. I went and tried on clothes at lunch a couple of times and I loved that everything I tried on fit. I haven’t experienced that in AGES!! This past week I also noticed that my legs are getting thinner. Now I just need to tone because loose skin is not good.

And the most bizarre thing that I’ve experienced is that I’m actually feeling cold more often now. I didn’t realize when I was in shape that if you’re overweight, you feel hot all the time. Once I got overweight, I understood that. I wondered why fat people were always sweating and when I was fat, I knew why: I was insulated. Of course I would sweat profusely.  This week I started experiencing being cold again. Work can get warm/hot in certain areas of the store. In the office where I do my morning paperwork, it gets warm but I was actually cold in there. And in my main work area, where it can get hot, I was a little warm but not “OMG I’m going to sweat so much that I leave puddles”. Which is good because here in AZ it gets super hot. Once it got so hot back there that one of my coworkers fainted from heat exhaustion.

I was stalled for a few days but the scale did move this morning: 206.  Only a little more to 199. I know that as I get closer to my main goal, the scale won’t move as much and I’m ok with that. It just means that I’m close.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 206

Total lost: 36

Yes! My Dr supports low carb!

One of my big fears is that my doctor wouldn’t approve of LCHF. I see it all the time on my FB support page. Even though they’re losing weight and the blood tests come back with amazing results, the minute doctors hear LCHF, they’re not supportive.

I finally went for my yearly physical. I have a new doctor at the place I go to. She was impressed with my losing 33 lbs in 3 months and asked how I did it. “I did what the last dr told me to do which was to eat low carb”. I didn’t tell her that he was telling me 100 carbs and I was doing 20ish. She said I was doing great but that 33 was a lot to lose in 3 months. So what type of low carb was I doing? I was kind of hesitant to reply until she told me that she and her husband are doing a form of keto themselves and she supports it fully. Then (and only then) did I tell her. She gave me some great advice along with telling me of a pizza place that does an amazing gluten free pizza. Now I know where to go when I finally have my cheat pizza meal when I hit 199. I go get my blood work in a couple days and am interested in my results. It makes me feel better that my doctor is supportive of this WOE.

After being stalled for a week-ish, the scale is moving. Slowly but surely.  I’m trying hard to make sure I eat more than once a day. This past week was just go, go, go. I ended up making sure I had an Atkins Meal Replacement bar with me everyday that I could eat on the go so I would get some extra meals in.  That seemed to do the trick. I hate using them but I was so busy that I couldn’t work in a meals at certain point. Now I know what to do when that happens. And I need to stop scheduling so much into a day.  On the brighter side of things, I hit 207 and am only 8 lbs from 199 aka “onehundredland”. Yaaassss!!!!

Bra shopping happened. Love being smaller because regular sizes are cheaper and you can find cuter stuff! Oh and I found a Harley Quinn tee that I loved and have been eyeing in an XL and I fit into it!! So now I’m representing:


I must say that I did go into a bit of a depression last week too. After that incident where I realized that I can’t even scrape off the toppings off a pizza because of gluten transfer and getting so sick from it, I went into a funk. I LOVE pizza. It’s the perfect food for me and when I realized that I will never have another Peter Piper Pizza ever again because I don’t want to go through the pain involved, it depressed me. Someone said it was like losing someone and yea, it is. Pizza has always been there for me. It made me happy and especially PPP’s pizza. And now it’s gone. For all of you out there who do LC, what food did you miss emotionally?

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 207

Total lost: 35 lbs!!!!


Clothes shopping is fun again

Quick thoughts on this past week. I realized that I’m a size 16 in pants. SO happy to be able to know that. I spent the day with my Mom recently and she loves to shop. So while shopping, I tried on some more pants and shirts. I used to wear a 3x plus in tops and I now fit into a XL in regular sizes!! I actually fit into some large shirts but I don’t like shirts that hug the body too much (hot flashes make me too hot). I like some “flow” in my tops. But still, a XL!!! I bought some beautiful shirts too.

When you’re plus size, there isn’t that much of a selection. Especially if you don’t have big breasts to match. So I used to find shirts that fit well, then choose a color or design, and really there wasn’t much to chose from. I used to feel so frumpy. I would jump for joy when I found a top that actually fit and was cute. But now, I can find cute tops that fit. So now I’m purging my closet of those shirts that I don’t like but kept because they fit. And I forgot how much cheaper regular sizes are compared to plus sizes.  Next on the shopping agenda: bras.

It’s April 1st (I hate April’s Fools day, thanks Mom) and onto April’s goal of 199 by the end of the month. It’s gonna be a tough one but I’m up to the challenge. 10 lbs. I need to strive for 2.5 lbs lost a week. I stalled this week but I was super busy and not really eating right. Actually, I didn’t eat that much seeing as how I got 1 meal in because I was running everywhere. Didn’t get my fat intake where I wanted it but I got avocados for healthy fat and going to try hard to eat the way I know I need to.

Let’s do this!!!

Clothes shopping surprise aka “Holy Shrinking Superwoman!”

I have been putting off clothes shopping for awhile. I have so many clothes that were too small for me in my closet so why shop? This past weekend I went through my closet because I know I had clothes that were too big, specifically pants, that I had to get rid off. My work pants are too baggy. With all the walking I do, they start to sag and it’s just annoying. Plus it’s spring so spring cleaning got done too. 2 for the price of 1. I was so shocked that out of everything, only 1 pair of pants didn’t fit. I got them recently from a friend and they have no size tag so it’s a mystery. I’m thinking a size 12, maybe.

When I started this journey, I was a 22. A tight 22. I didn’t want to buy 24’s because that was, in my mind, “too big”. Then I realized that 22’s were “too big”. That was part of the trigger to lose weight. So I went shopping for pants yesterday. I was already wearing the 20’s from my closet and they were getting too loose. So I took in some 18’s (which I figured was my new size) and some 16’s to see how much more I had to lose to fit into them. I ended up getting the 16’s!! I went from a 22 to a 16!! No wonder my pants were sliding down. I’m sure the workers there were wondering why I was dancing in the fitting room. That’s a 4 size difference, right? 22, 20, 18, 16. I used to be a 12 and that’s not too far from a 12. Wow….just wow. Definitely motivated now!!

Now onto the weight loss update: I think I’m stalled at 209.  I haven’t been incorporating healthy fats into my eating and I have too. So going to try to make myself eat some avocados and see if that helps. I’ve been so busy that I’m pretty much eating when I get home and that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not healthy at all. Low in carb but not good for my body or mind.  I need to force myself to make time and get in some meals and not rush around trying to get everything done.

Hitting goals like a BOSS!

My mini monthly goal was to hit 210 by the end of March 31st and I hit that on March 21st. BAM! That’s when I got super excited. I know this Low Carb is working but it really hit me that I’m succeeding at it and can do it. I’ve always heard of people on lc, atkins, keto and they always talk about how hard it is and they fall off the wagon. Surprisingly it really hasn’t been that hard for me. Yes, I miss bread but the rewards are totally worth it. Plus that pain that comes with eating flour keeps me from eating bread. I can see myself doing this long term even after I hit my goals. I do think I was at that point in my life where I had to make a life change. I had hit bottom and now I’m working my way back up to where I want to be.

So now my next goal is 199. I haven’t been under 200 since I was pregnant with my daughter, who’s 13 now. 199 is my 1st major goal for me and now it’s my April goal.  I didn’t think I would get to 199 until after summer, to be honest. Now it’s within sight and it’s really motivating me to keep at it!!

My non scale victory for the week was shopping. I have these 3 pairs of yoga capri pants that I’ve had for a few years that are to the point where they fall off of me. I have to hold onto the waistband when I walk because they’ll fall. Going upstairs holding a laundry basket is a challenge wearing these pants. So I went and bought me a pair of athleisure capri pants in a 2x but they were from the regular section, not the plus size section. So these are cut smaller than the plus version. I also bought some underwear (also regualr sizing, not plus sizing) because mine were too big and baggy. I got home and tried both on and they actually fit! Not only that, I realized I could go down a size in both. So I went the next day and bought the pants in an XL and they did fit!!!  I haven’t bought from the regular size section in years!!  Wow….just wow.

I am so feeling like Wonder Woman this week. I needed this boost in motivation. Onward to my next goal!!

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 209

Total lost: 33 lbs!!!!


Lesson for this week: Gluten kicks my ass

So doing this WOE (way of eating) has opened my eyes to a lot of things. One of which is that my body is so much better off when I cut out flour. When deciding on whether to eat something, I ask myself  “is there any flour in this?”. If the answer is NO, then game on!! Flour = carbs. Simple and easy to remember and for me to do. So what some people in my Facebook low carb group do is scrape off the toppings off a regular pizza and eat the toppings. Sounds good. Well I learned this past week not to do that.

My hubby was the first to suggest that I may be gluten intolerant. Ok… maybe. Little backstory here: I have always had stomach issues. Always. As a little kid even. My parents took me to so many doctors and were so desperate to help me out that they took me to a “witch doctor” to help me out. Her treatment didn’t help. So I grew up trying to cope with my stomach issues. Went to college and learned to deal with it on my own. Which sucked because I wouldn’t do certain activities. If there wasn’t a restroom nearby, I wasn’t doing it. And I hated huge events because that meant lines and usually the urge would hit me and I had to go NOW.

As an adult I would go to a different doctor every few years and they would run every test under the sun. Some of those are not at all fun, pretty invasive actually. In the end I would be told “negative, there’s nothing wrong with you”. It was frustrating. When I got with my hubby, he would insist on me going to different doctors to see if they could help me. So more drs and more tests. And once again “Negative, nothing is wrong with you”. Even my hubby was getting frustrated with the doctors.  I finally found a dr who helped me somewhat. I had what I called “an endo attack” during my appointment with him. In addition to my stomach issues, I also suffer from endometriosis. And when my endo would flare up, it would make my stomach issues worse. I would have endo attacks that would last hours and I’d be stuck in the bathroom the whole time. I even passed out once from the pain. So you understand why I would try to stay home “just in case”.  Anyway, the doctor was running behind and came in to apologize and told us that he would definitely see us. After he left, I started bloating up and running to the bathroom. I think it was after my 4th trip to the bathroom, he ran into me in the hallway and asked what was wrong. That’s when he saw my stomach and gasped. I was considerably much “bigger”than when he last saw me. These endo attacks would always bloat me up to the point where I looked pregnant. I explained what was happening and he swore that he would figure it out. I had all the usual tests and he found nothing. He put me on every antibiotic he could to get rid of the bad bacteria and that helped somewhat. I wasn’t as bad as I used to be but it still was an issue. I was happy just for that. It was some improvement. I had another dr who prescribed a medication that I would take with meals that would help lessen the bathroom time. It was a life changer but I hated being on meds and sometimes I would forget to take the pills with me.

Back to my original thought of this post: hubby suspected I was gluten intolerant. I was open to it but didn’t give it much thought because that was part of what all those tests were for. And negative. But every time I ate flour, BAM!! I was sick again. So last week we went out to run errands and we decided to stop by a pizza place for some wings, pizza and stuffed mushrooms. I knew that they didn’t coat their wings in flour. And the stuffed mushrooms had no flour in it either. I scraped the toppings off my pizza because that’s when I’ve heard you can do and still be low carb. Within a few minutes of leaving the restaurant, I was sick. I got home and was sick for hours, running to the restroom. I went online and learned that if you do have a gluten allergy, you can get cross contamination by scraping off the toppings off a regular pizza. Ooooohhhh. Didn’t know that. Now I do.

So now, no more doing that. I need to be careful with gluten cross contamination because I don’t want to go through that again. Lesson learned.

Other than that, it was a good week. My mini goal is 210 by the end of the month. My new bigger goal is 199. That will put me under 200. It’s been 14 yrs since I’ve been there. Only 14 more lbs to go!!! Yes!!!!

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 213

Total lost: 29 lbs.

New goal: 199

1st major goal = DONE!

This past week I hit my first major goal: 215. That’s right, 215. I still can’t believe that I hit that so fast. A little over 2 months and I lost 27 lbs. It’s really motivating me to keep going and see where this takes me. My next major goal is 199 or as they call it in my group “onehundredland”. I haven’t been under 200 in what seems like ages. My daughter is 13 so I figure at least 13 yrs.

I’m going on a vacation in about 3 months. I’m seeing my nieces. One is graduating High School so I’m excited to see that. They haven’t seen me thin either so that also is motivating me. I want them to proud of their Tia, who tells them constantly “you have it in you to do amazing things”. I’m going to show everyone personally that I’m walking the talk.

So my reward for hitting my major goal is Ulta. I LOVE makeup. I mean LOVE!! I never used to but once I hit menopause, I got “girly”.  Which is hilarious because all my life I was more tomboy than girly. Now I’m asking people “girl, what highlighter do you have on because it is poppin’?”. Really, I do. Just asked someone yesterday that question. So I got the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, Becca highlighter in Opal, Elf highlighter in Moonlight Pearls and 5 lipsticks (Tarte, Makeup Revolution, Ulta lip stain, Too Faced and Elf). Lipstick is my crack. Good thing there are no carbs in makeup. LOL

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 215

Total weight lost: 27 lbs

I actually played sports today…what?!

I was a huge sporty gal. I played all the sports until I blew out both my knees in my teen years. But I still was active. I loved to be active. In college, I loved going to the gym on campus and rollerblading with my friends.

Once I had kids, that all stopped. Didn’t have the time or money…or energy. But today, I went out with my husband and daughter to the park. Daughter is trying out for softball. I used to play and Hubby used to coach so we were teaching her the basics. She was actually pretty good. She seems to be a natural. After practice, I did some conditioning exercises with her and did better than her at it. LOL

We were out there for an hour and I kept up. I can’t believe that. I couldn’t have done that at the beginning of the year.

I’m pretty damn happy about that.

new discoveries this week (yea, baby!!!)

I realized that my clothes are getting really baggy but I don’t want to go buy new clothes yet. I wear these polo shirts for work and the inside seam on the arm band is really starting to rub the inside of my arm raw. Also, the outside seam on some pants is rubbing the outer thigh raw too. Interesting set of problems. LOL I’m just happy that the inside thigh on my jeans isn’t tearing as fast as it used too. I keep telling myself that hopefully soon I won’t have that issue anymore. Nobody tells you that fat thighs destroys the inside of your jeans from all that rubbing.

I have a close friend at work who’s anti-diet. She really hates them. A lot. I know she doesn’t agree with me changing my eating habits but this week she really looked at me and said “girl, you’re looking really really good. Keep up what you’re doing, it’s working”. That made my week!! Ever since that day, she hasn’t said anything negative about my WOE (way of eating).

We had a cookout at work and our boss used to be a chef. His food is amazing. I had a hotdog (minus bun) with mustard and relish. I also had a protein burger with all the fixings. Delish. I was kinda bummed about not having his famous baked beans because they are amazing but that’s ok. I stuck to my woe and it paid off.

Why? Because I lost a couple more pounds according to the scale and my total amount lost is 25 lbs. I’m at 217. Only 2 more pounds until I hit 215 which is a reward goal for me. I’m thinking a trip to Ulta for a highlighter is in order. Don’t know when that will be because we all know how long it sometimes takes to lose those stubborn pounds. But I’m ok with that because it took awhile to put this weight on so I know it will take time to take the weight off.

So all in all, it was a great week for my woe.

Current weight: 217

Starting weight: 242

Total lost: 25!!!