Holidays mean nonketo food?!

It’s official, my coworkers make amazing food. Unfortunately it’s not keto friendly. And yes, I have had a bite here and there. I’ve also eaten some thin crust pizza and a hamburger and not beating myself up about it. At this point, I’m not in ketosis, just low carbs. I’ve seen the difference that it’s made in my body. My clothes are fitting better again. I’m back to where I was before I started eating the bad food again. I bought some pants because it’s getting cold in Arizona (yes, 75 is cold to us desert dwellers) and I fit into size 12 and 14 .  The belly bloat is gone and the mind fog is gone too. So I’m happy about that.

My energy level is weird. At work, it’s there but once I come home, I sleep all the time. I work in retail and I unload all the online orders, which means lots of trampolines, furniture, kid ride-ons, weight sets. So I definitely get a work out but I’m 48 and I feel it at the end of the day. Plus my days off are split with me working Saturdays so I’m not recovering like I used too. I’m hoping that once the holiday season is over and I get some proper rest that I can not be so sleepy all the time.

Only 2 weeks left in this month and I’m pretty sure I’m not hitting my 175 goal. I have to remember that I started out at 245lbs and hit 185lbs. That’s 60lbs down!!! I did that! I’m healthier than ever, look amazing and have helped others on their weight loss journey. My husband is going to try keto come January. I’m hoping it works well for him. I keep telling him that it’s going to be hard but once he sees progress, it’ll keep him motivated. So keep him in your wishes and prayers that he sticks with it. I love him so much and want him to lose the weight so we can grow old together and drive each other insane in our 80’s. LOL


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