The Week of Carbs…was it worth it?

This past week has been interesting, to say the least. It started out a couple of weeks prior where I allowed myself to have some actual pizza. It was so delish but I felt so bad afterwards like I was drunk. I fell asleep right after I had it due to the rush of carbs. When I woke up I was stumbling around like I was drunk. I couldn’t walk straight. Hated that feeling. I read where others had similar experiences. I then got a flu shot a few days later and then I got sick. During this whole keto experience, I haven’t really gotten severely sick. I would feel like I getting sick but then my body would fight it off and that would be it. But this time, the cooties won. I haven’t been this sick since the beginning of the year. I told my husband that my immune system has gotten amazing on keto and once I let my guard down…BOOM…the sickness came and attacked me hard.

I got the illness that has been going around work. Sneezing, coughing, body aches, chest hurts like crazy, fever, chills and a killer sore throat. Unfortunately, I had the carb cravings like crazy. I wanted chicken noodle soup so I made some. Then the nausea hit for about 4 days. Anytime I moved, I felt like I was going to lose it. In the past, hamburgers make that feel better so I had some, specifically Big Macs. Basically, I ate so many carbs which did make me feel better initially but after a few days of carbs, I started to feel so bad. I have the constant carb headache now and my breathing is shallow again. Anytime I exert energy, I start doing that heavy shallow breathing I did as an overweight person. I used to feel this pressure in my front left shoulder that felt like my artery clogging up when I ate fattening foods. Well, it’s back. I hate that feeling.

So now it’s back to keto. No cheating. Gotta get back into ketosis. I’m lucky that for the most part, my clothes still fit well but the scale does say 194. So that’s 5 lbs gained during these past 2 weeks. In a way it’s good that I’m feeling this bad because it’s a good reminder of how far I’ve come in how my body has reacted to keto. I went from feeling like crap to feeling amazing to feeling bad again. I want to feel great again. I deserve to feel good again.

So we’re at the end of November, my goal was to be as close to 170 by Christmas. 25 lbs weight loss in one month is not realistic…at least doing it in a healthy manner isn’t realistic.  I have let myself down big time. However, I promise to try my best and see how far I can get by Dec 25th. Let’s see what I start the new year off at.  The best part is that I promise to end the year as a healthy version of myself. I started off as an overweight, tight size 22, barely able to breath 47 year old woman. Now I am so much better off and am recommitted to my goal! After all this is the Year of Accountability!



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