Scale stays the same but body tells a different story

One thing that I’ve noticed in my keto/low carb groups is how people get so hung up on the scale. “I’ve been doing keto and the scale isn’t moving” or “It’s actually going up a few pounds”. I see this a lot and you can just hear the frustration in their posts. People post this and they say how they’re ready to throw in the towel and give up. I say DON’T!! Instead ask yourself how are your clothes fitting you? We start to burn the fat and yes, the scale goes down, but sometimes we put all our faith in the scale. That is a dangerous thing.

These past couple of months, I haven’t lost weight. I weigh exactly the same as last month but my clothes are so much baggier. Some of my jeans are super baggy.  I was a 16 and I just bought size 14 in jeans a few days ago. I actually fit in the size 12 but I can’t stand to have a tight waistline due to the years of stomach issues. But hey, I fit in a size 12 in jeans and looked good!!!!  I haven’t done that in over 21 yrs!! Some of my shirts are so baggy that I can’t wear them. I finally fit in a size 38 bra band comfortably. Even my shoes are looser. This is all stuff I couldn’t do a month ago yet the scale still says 189. I would rather go by what my clothes tell me than what the scale tells me.

So don’t let that scale rule your world. The sun doesn’t rise or set by that scale. Look at what your body is telling you. Listen to it. It’s worth it and you will feel so much better about yourself when you do.

I’m going to do something different. I usually post my starting/current weight at the end. I have been using 242 as starting weight but after talking with a friend, I’m going to put 245. I was 242 on Jan 1st, 2017 so that’s why I use that weight. but I was 245 the previous month before. That was my heaviest and my friend pointed out that I should use that weight since it was so close to the beginning of the year and it was my highest weight. As she said “you should be proud of losing those extra 3 lbs!”. She’s right.

Starting weight: 245

Current weight: 189

Total lost: 56 lbs

19 pounds left before I hit that major goal of 170!!!


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