Weight loss interrupted…and I’m ok with that (for once!)

So September has been an interesting month in that I really haven’t tried to lose weight. It’s been more about maintaining weight. I have eaten a few things here and there that I’ve missed.  I just go right back to eating low carb right after that. My biggest thing is cheesecake. Oh Lordy, cheesecake. I threw my husband a 50th bday party, and just like I said in my last blog regarding my cousin’s bday party, I did good on the dinner part but lost it with desserts. I really miss sweet desserts. Someone brought my dessert “crack” which is cheesecake. I’ve had a slice a day for the past few days. I’m looking forward to it being gone because the temptation is great.  However, all this has shown me that I can maintain the weight, which is good. Now onto getting back into ketosis and losing some more weight!

I’ve noticed something really important about myself this month. I’m at a place where I am definitely loving my body. It’s not perfect but I feel good about it. It really makes a big difference in my confidence. I still have more weight to lose, I have my poochy belly and loose skin, but I’m happy with the progression. I look back at where I started and cannot believe that I’ve come this far! Yay, go me!!

I have had more skeptical people coming up to me and seriously asking what I’m doing because they want to see results like I’ve been getting. I’ve noticed that the people that were my loudest detractors are the ones who are coming forward asking how to do keto.  It’s been good to see them start it and see results and be happy with that. As I tell them, “weigh to go!”.

But seriously, I need to get back and stay on track. My busy season at work is coming up. The next few months are not only holidays but it’s filled with family bday parties here at my house so I need to get in top condition for that. I really want to be 170 by Christmas. Kind of a Christmas present to myself. I think I deserve that.

Update on my daughter: she hasn’t been doing low carb or keto but she has been trying to cut out as much flour in her food as possible. She’s noticed that her stomach issues are not bothering her when she eats gluten free. So now she knows that what causes the pains and can decide if she wants that gluten free pizza or regular pizza. She is in control of those choices. Plus she’s feeling a lot better, energy wise, and can see the difference in her body too.



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