Why hello there, Happy Place!!

Haven’t blogged in almost a month! So much happening this past month. Took my son back to his dorm for the start of this junior year. He loves living in his college town and was happy to be back. I truly understand it because when I lived in the same town, going to the same University, I felt like I was so alive! Those years is when I truly started blossoming and I can see it’s having the same effect on my son so I encourage it. I do miss him so much but his future is so filled with possibilities that I focus on that.

My sis-in-law and nieces came to visit the following week after that. My oldest niece, “S”, was supposed to come to college in my state and I was going to take her to her dorm and set her up in it, but there was a snag in the plans and it fell through. They still came to visit though and I was very happy since I missed them so much! They’ve been gone for about 3 years and it’s been hard not seeing them pretty much every day. Next planned visit with them is in 2 years, maybe. Going to try to make it to my niece’s, “L”, graduation but my son is graduating college that month too so we’ll see if we can make it.

With everything going on, I haven’t made weight loss a priority. I still made sure I ate keto. But I wasn’t focused on it. I have reintroduced some things into my eating, like beans and potatoes but I may have gotten carried away with the potatoes. I actually got down to 189 but then shot back up to 196, which is where I started the week. I focused and got myself down to good place, pretty close to 189 again.

I may have thrown myself out of ketosis with yesterday though. My cousin had a birthday party and, while I stuck to keto with dinner, I didn’t with desserts. I usually have complete willpower with desserts but yesterday was a fail….kind of. My cousin is an amazing baker but she hasn’t baked in a couple of years because she’s had weight loss surgery and has to eat keto too. She did make an exception for her birthday. She had cheesecake and made 2 cakes. I had a slice of cheesecake and ate some of the buttercream frosting off the cake. I did not eat the cake itself because it had flour and I did not want the pain that comes when I eat flour, but my mom ate the cake and left her frosting, which I ate. It was sooooo good!  But let me tell you, when the sugar hit, it hit me hard. I went into the theater room and took a nap! Not used to having so much sugar anymore.

I did have some crazy experiences this month though. I have been mistaken for a completely different person a few times. I’ve had a few male coworkers tell me that they see me, think ‘who’s the hottie?” and then realize it’s me when I get closer or turn around. We ended up having a laugh at that. My husband saw the back of me and realized it was his wife that was the sexy woman he was looking at. That one really made me laugh. He said it’s like having a whole new woman. That got a chuckle out of me. I do feel like a different person now. I feel like the old me. My confidence is back, my mind is clear (due to the omission of sugar) and I just feel amazing!  I’ve had more people come up to me asking about keto. I give them the basics and point them to some websites that give more detail and support. I don’t want to come off like a lunatic on a fad diet but I really am such a fan and walking billboard of the success of keto.

Also I went shopping at Target because I saw that they clearanced out their Merona line, guess they’re getting rid of that line.  So I went and tried on a bunch of shirts and dresses. I grabbed size XL in everything and it was all too big!! I was only able to find 1 thing in a large and that was too big too!  So a few days later I went to another Target and grabbed it all in size large and I was shocked that a few things were still too big. I grabbed them in medium and they fit. Oh wow!! Happy dance in the fitting room! I don’t know if it’s vanity sizing but let me tell you, that was the boost I needed to eat better that week. While on the subject of clothes, my cousin’s party was Star Trek themed. I had a shirt I got from geek subscription box so I got it out to see if it would work. It was a size 3xl and I remember when that fit me tight. It was way too baggy on me now but I had nothing else Star Trek to wear. So I went onto YouTube and looked at some DIY videos on making over baggy shirts. I ended up cutting about 6 inches off the bottom, cut half off of the sleeves, cut a triangle shape off each of the bottom sides and was left with a cute shirt that looked way better on me. Still baggy-ish but it a cute way. I have tons of geeky shirts that I am going to redo like this so I can wear them! Thanks YouTube!

So now we are at the end of August. I did hit my goal of 189, I’m in the 180’s!!  I’m going to aim for 185 for the end of September. This month will be the kickoff of what I call, the “Birthday Months”. My husband’s 50th is in a couple of weeks and then every month after that has a few family birthdays and we have the parties here at my house so food temptation! But by hosting the parties, I control the food so I will make sure to have keto food too.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 189

Total weight loss: 53 lbs!!


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