Weigh to go…that’s my motto now

This has been a very interesting month so far. While I’ve only lost 2 lbs this month, I can really tell from my clothes that I’ve lost inches.  The pants and shirts that I bought a couple of months back are baggy on me now.  The belt I was using is now too big, this will be the 3rd belt I will have bought in my journey. Even my shoes are getting loose! Oh and I hit the 50 pound mark. YES!!! 50 freaking pounds! I am so dang proud of myself!

It’s crazy to look at my body and see it shrinking. My legs are leaner than ever. I used to be athletic and have really strong solid thighs and calves.  Now they’re so thin, I’ve never seen them this thin. It kind of threw me off at first. I also have no butt. I know, that sounds weird but since I’ve pretty much have not exercised through this whole keto thing, I don’t have a butt. Gotta get my squats on!

Another plus that I’ve experienced this month is that I am really liking how I look in pictures, mirrors, etc. I’m looking pretty good and it’s showing in pictures. I know, that sounds conceited but it’s not. It’s me realizing that I’m getting to where I’m happy with myself.  I went to QT and got out of my car to throw something in the trash. I caught my reflection in the glass and was taken aback when I realized that it was me! My cousin and I were talking about how all this weight loss has affected us. I told her that I don’t still see the “fat girl” in the mirror when I see my new self. I look in the mirror and think “that’s the girl I knew! About time she came back!”. It’s like I’m rediscovering myself. It’s doing wonders for my self confidence. There’s an inner calmness to me now since I’m more like my old self. That internal struggle is going away. I feel more in control of myself, in a way.

So many new discoveries. I look forward to it all. And I am not taking any of it for granted. I used to think that I was fat back in the day. At 130/140 pounds I thought I was fat. I realize now that I wasn’t. I was buying into societies conception that women have to be model thin. Now I know that I was in great shape and I am doing what I can to get back to it. Heck, at 192 I am feeling amazing! I can only imagine that it’s going to get better from here on out.

Starting weight: 242

Current: 192

Total lost: 50!!!!





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