6 months in…

My 6th month of doing keto is officially over.  I went from 242 to 194. 48 lbs total. That is way more than I thought I’d lose. I didn’t realize how fast I’d lose weight. Now that I’m below 200, it’s taking longer to lose weight, but I’m ok with that as long as there is progress. I am feeling so amazing now. No more stomach issues, that is the best part of it all! I can go out and not worry about getting sick and having to rush home. I wish I would have known about this ages ago!

The month of June was a crazy one. I went on vacation for 2 weeks, saw my family and friends. Then had to deal with my uncle passing away and dealing with all that. I got to see more family because of that and it was good to see family relationships reforged. So something good did come out of his passing. I’m going to use his memory and strive to achieve more goals. I can hear his voice urging me to get out of my comfort box and take the chances I’ve been on the fence about. So thank you, Tio!

I lost a few pounds this month. 199-194. I think at this point that 5 lbs a month is an attainable goal. One thing that my keto group taught me is that while we lose weight very quickly in the beginning (if we were really overweight to begin with), once we get smaller and closer to our goals, it takes longer for the weight to come off. I think I’m there. No more “10 lbs lost in a week” phase. However, I can tell the difference in my clothes even if the scale isn’t moving and I love that feeling! My stomach and legs is where I’m noticing the difference right now.

I went to a graduation for a family friend.  They haven’t seen me in  months. I was talking with the wife and she tells me “my husband came back after saying hi and told me “OMG you need to go see her because she looks totally different now!”.  I guess I do. I had on a dress and these amazing wedge heeled shoes (which make me so tall and I feel like Wonder Woman in!).  Oh and that’s another thing, I’m wearing dresses again. I love dresses but being overweight kept me from wearing them since I had this big belly and my legs were so huge that I couldn’t close my legs properly. Now, I am rocking those dresses and crossing my legs!

I’ve also had about 5 people come to me asking about keto. They’ve seen my success and have asked in the past about keto. They’ve been researching it and are ready to commit. One of my closest friends admitted that she’s been doing it for a month and has lost 20 lbs already! That was so awesome to hear! I am happy to be helping my friends get to a healthy place in their lives.

So since it’s the beginning of July I need to give myself a goal. 5 lbs. I want to hit 189 by the end of July. This means 2 things: #1 I will have officially hit 50 lbs lost and, #2 I will be in the 180’s. I haven’t been in the 180’s since I was pregnant with my daughter (and she’s 13 now!) .  Let’s do this!!!

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 194

Total weight lost: 48lbs


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