Ah I’ve missed you keto flu…NOT!

Yes, keto flu is real and it came back. Guess that’s what happens when you throw yourself out of ketosis and go back into keto life. It lasted for almost a week and I stored that memory to remind me if I ever think of cheating again.  I was reading how some people have a cheat day every couple of weeks and I can’t understand that. I could not go through keto flu that often. I figure every few months, maybe, but not every couple weeks. Let’s be honest: now that I’ve tasted how good gluten free pizza can be, I’m gonna have some every few months. Maybe as a reward for hitting major milestones? We’ll see.

So as I last wrote, I’ve been stalled. This seems to be a pattern. Good for about 3 weeks, stalled for 2-3 weeks. I take it back to basics and I start losing again. So this past week has been back to basics, keeping it really simple. Can I just say how much I love hard boiled eggs?! Portable and so keto friendly!

I started Monday at 199 and on Wednesday hit 195. That’s great since my goal for the end of June was 195. Then I got devastating news on Thursday morning. My beloved uncle passed away. He’s only a few years older than me. He was killed in a car accident instantly. Luckily, the kids and his wife were not in the car with him but the kids did see it happen in the rearview mirror and ran to their dad. They got to him first. My heart hurts to think of what they went through.

As life happens, my uncle and I weren’t as close now as we used to be. Like I said, we’re not that far in age. My mom is his oldest sister and helped raise him. After their mother died, she became his honorary mom. My mother is having a hard time processing this, she said it’s like having a child pass away (She still has a brain aneurysm so we have to make sure this stress doesn’t make that worse). My childhood was filled with hanging out with my 3 young uncles and bugging them. They were so good at letting their young niece hang out with them. Back then I looked at them more like brothers than uncles.

As we got older, I kinda veered away from them, our lives became so different.  They got married young, had kids and started a business. I became the niece who went to college and was so independent and determined to remain single. They got married in their early 20’s and I got married at 35 so we were definitely on different life tracks. They were still there if I needed them and in the past couple of years, we’ve talked more since they worry about my mom and they call me to see if I need them.  We saw each other at family bdays, holidays and such. But the whole family dynamic is so different now ever since my grandma passed. No more hanging out and them playing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” for me to educate me on the importance of their music.

My uncle was a great man. He and my other uncle have built a great company and that work has allowed them to do so much for others. Very caring, generous and a great listener and talker. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about my uncle. Great testament to his life and I will strive to be more like him in that aspect of being a good humanitarian.

I guess I’m saying that I’m numb. We always hear how life can change just like that but this really drove it home for all of us. Please hug your family and friends and say “I love you” more often. My family never used to say that but for about the past 10 yrs we say goodbye and “Love you” more often without embarrassment. I have peace knowing that my last words to my uncle were “Love you Tio”.

Now we start the part of our lives without him. Doesn’t matter if we’re ready or not, we have to start.

Current weight: 195

Starting weight: 242

Total lost: 47 lbs….and a huge piece of my heart


Best vacation ever!!

My family finally took a vacation…for a week…in Oregon.  We are not vacation people. We don’t travel. We are, for the most part, homebodies. Except for my daughter, she’s that one that wants to see everything and everyone.  If I take vacation days at work, it’s 3 days max because by day 4 I’m ready to go back to work.

The only reason I took a long vacation is because my niece (who is my mini me) was graduating from high school and I wanted to really see that. They used to live by us (and with us for a short while) and we were really involved in their lives. They moved away a few years back and I’ve missed being a part of their daily lives.  We had an opportunity to make this vacation happen so I ran with it. Plus my best friend moved to Portland a couple of years back so we squeezed in a visit with them too.

We flew to Portland, rented a car, spent the night with my friend then drove across Oregon to see my family. It was so awesome to see everyone and to witness the graduation. Education is a high priority on my list so that was a personal high for me. (She’s going to college in AZ so I’ll get to see her more too!). My kids had a ball hanging out with their cousins too. They really miss seeing each other all the time. I got to see my brother who I miss like crazy. Felt good having everyone together again.

Then we drove back to Portland to stay with my friend who took us to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. As a keto gal, this was awesome! So many cheeses! Then we drove to Cannon Beach and had lunch at Mo’s Seafood restaurant. If you’re ever in the area, Mo’s is so tasty!! Plus it’s right on the beach, which we hung out at after lunch. My kids saw the ocean for the first time. It was awe inspiring to see the ocean.

We were busy from the moment we woke up until we went to bed (which was late). 4-6 hrs sleep a night. It was so fun!! Now we’re home and it’s so good to sleep in my own bed. I have the next couple of days off to recover. I’m glad I did that instead of going back to work immediately. I work one day and then have the weekend off, so I planned that right.

Now onto the keto part of this: I stuck to keto pretty well. I had the best chef salad in Enterprise, OR at a place called Heavenly’s. I did finally have a cheat day, after being on keto since 1-1-17. My best friend knows I have to eat gluten free so she found gluten free pizza and gluten free cake. I didn’t feel guilty eating it since I hit my goal of 199. It was delish!!! The cake came from Nothing Bundt cakes so I know I can get it here when I want cake. That’s the only time I strayed from keto. I know I threw myself out of ketosis but it’s ok, after all, it’s vacation, right? I’m back on the keto wagon and praying that I don’t go through the dreaded keto flu.

After a week of no scale, I stepped on mine this morning curious to see how I did. Drumroll, please: no weight loss but no weight gain either!!! Yay!!  I’ve been stalled for the past 2.5 weeks at 198. Yet I’ve noticed while on vacation that my clothes are looser. I’d rather take that over weight loss anyday.

One great thing I noticed is that I actually liked myself in the all the vacation pics we took. I look great in them! I haven’t liked myself in pictures for the past 10 years but I look good in them. My sister-in-law took this pic of me and I really liked it. As any fat person will tell you, it’s better to be standing up than sitting because sitting makes you look extra fat. I’m sitting down and doing a “seductive pose” on this rock and I don’t look fat. Oh I was so happy when I saw that!

Lake Wallowa

So happy with this pic that I’m going to make a print for my house. After years of hating pictures it’s so nice actually liking pictures of myself.

So this vacation was the best one ever. I saw family and friends who are family. My soul is happy now.

Current weight: 198

Starting weight: 242

Total lost: 44 pounds