Drumroll please…199

199 is finally here!!! It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted and I was 202 then. I pretty much was stalled at 200 for the entire time. I just kept eating keto and had faith in the fact that it would happen. In the meanwhile, I could tell that I was losing inches because my clothes were getting looser. Have faith in the system.

199 is my first major goal in my journey. My next is 175, then 160, then it will go down 10 lbs every time because I know it will be harder as the number gets lower. I don’t know how low I want to go. I will be happy with 160. I never really liked it when I was below 135-140 when I was thinner. It was too thin. I’ll make that call when I get there. I’m older and I don’t know how 140 will look on my now.

My treat when I hit 199 was going to be a gluten free pizza but now I’ve changed my mind. I know that pizza will throw me out of ketosis. I’ve worked hard to stay in ketosis and it will take time to get back into it. Plus do I want to go through possible keto flu? No, no I don’t. Plus honestly, temptation isn’t there for it. I picked up a couple of pizzas for the kids and, while the smell was heavenly,  I wasn’t really tempted. I did snag a pepperoni from the top of it but then my stomach hurt afterwards. I forgot, cross-contamination. So that helps with “no temptation”.

We’re going on vacation in 2 weeks and I need to buy some pants because it’s going to be cold in Oregon compared to our heat here in Arizona. All my pants are way too baggy so shopping time. I bought 2 so far. I also bought a gorgeous dressy dress and a casual sleeveless dress. I haven’t worn dresses in at least a decade. I used to wear them all the time but they didn’t look good on me when I was overweight. Now, I am so rocking them. I also tried on a dress I bought last year. I saw it in the store and figured “if I ever lose the weight, it will look so good!”.  I put it on and it fit!! Then I had to go and buy shoes for the dresses. Always something.

So 1st major goal is met. Plus I met my May goal! Pretty dang proud of myself. Gonna ride this high for a while.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 199

Total lost: 43 lbs!!


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