April update…

So I started April at 210 and my goal was 199. I didn’t hit it. I admit that 11 lbs in one month was unrealistic but I’m always up for a personal challenge. Unfortunately, I actually had gained some weight in the past week. Here’s how it went down.

I was doing so good until this last week and a half. I hit 203 then it all went crazy. I didn’t cheat food-wise.  Instead I ate too much. The weather here in AZ is going back and forth between gorgeous and really warm.  72 one day, 99 the next. Every time the weather changes, my body goes through this horrible adapting period.  I get super tired, I sleep all the time and my body hurts everywhere. My joints start to protest. I take comfort in food. I actually saw the scale hit 210. It hovered between 205 and 207 for a few days but it actually hit 210. I panicked!  I worked so hard and it hurt my soul to see the scale move up like that. But then I gathered my thoughts and said “Self, this is the Year of Accountability. What are we doing? What can we change? Make those changes”. I realized I was eating too much food. Oh and the sugar free candy was not helping. Sugar alcohols stall me big time!!

So it was time for a game plan. No more sugar free candies. Really understand what I’m putting into my body. Make sure to get some healthy fats in everyday. I also decided to try apple cider vinegar. Some fellow group members suggest this to help with a stall. So I started and OMG that stuff is horrible. I do 8 oz of water, 1 teaspoon of ACV, lemon juice and a little bit of Sweet N Low so it kinda tastes like lemonade. I gulp it all down in 2 gulps. Otherwise I can’t do it, it really is bad. Some people do 2 tablespoons of AVC, how?! I do this drink once in the morning and once at night so 2 TEASPOONS total for the day. This is my 3rd day doing it and I went from 207 to 202. That’s 40 lbs lost!!

So there we go. April 30th. 202.  I’ll take that. I’m going to make 199 my May goal. I have a lot going on to get ready for vacation at the end of the month so I’m going to keep on track with my diet and not have an unattainable goal this month. Got my May Game Face on!!

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 202

Total lost: 40!!!

UPDATE: weighed myself the morning of May 1st and hit 200!! 1 more pound and that first major goal is met!!!


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