100 days in…Keto

I’ve done this for over 100 days, which is the amount that I would love to lose total. But so far I’ve lost 36 lbs since 1-1-17. Very happy with that. It’s been way easier than I thought and temptation isn’t really there. I look at something like pizza and, while I would love to eat it, I know that I can’t and temptation is gone. I’m kind of afraid because it’s TOO easy to resist temptation.

This week was the week that people really noticed. I got so many questions from coworkers this week. I was told that I look like a completely different person from the back. So many noticed that my face is significantly thinner. I think the best was when a friend said that she could tell from my arms. She’s right, they’re definitely smaller. I went and tried on clothes at lunch a couple of times and I loved that everything I tried on fit. I haven’t experienced that in AGES!! This past week I also noticed that my legs are getting thinner. Now I just need to tone because loose skin is not good.

And the most bizarre thing that I’ve experienced is that I’m actually feeling cold more often now. I didn’t realize when I was in shape that if you’re overweight, you feel hot all the time. Once I got overweight, I understood that. I wondered why fat people were always sweating and when I was fat, I knew why: I was insulated. Of course I would sweat profusely.  This week I started experiencing being cold again. Work can get warm/hot in certain areas of the store. In the office where I do my morning paperwork, it gets warm but I was actually cold in there. And in my main work area, where it can get hot, I was a little warm but not “OMG I’m going to sweat so much that I leave puddles”. Which is good because here in AZ it gets super hot. Once it got so hot back there that one of my coworkers fainted from heat exhaustion.

I was stalled for a few days but the scale did move this morning: 206.  Only a little more to 199. I know that as I get closer to my main goal, the scale won’t move as much and I’m ok with that. It just means that I’m close.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 206

Total lost: 36


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