Yes! My Dr supports low carb!

One of my big fears is that my doctor wouldn’t approve of LCHF. I see it all the time on my FB support page. Even though they’re losing weight and the blood tests come back with amazing results, the minute doctors hear LCHF, they’re not supportive.

I finally went for my yearly physical. I have a new doctor at the place I go to. She was impressed with my losing 33 lbs in 3 months and asked how I did it. “I did what the last dr told me to do which was to eat low carb”. I didn’t tell her that he was telling me 100 carbs and I was doing 20ish. She said I was doing great but that 33 was a lot to lose in 3 months. So what type of low carb was I doing? I was kind of hesitant to reply until she told me that she and her husband are doing a form of keto themselves and she supports it fully. Then (and only then) did I tell her. She gave me some great advice along with telling me of a pizza place that does an amazing gluten free pizza. Now I know where to go when I finally have my cheat pizza meal when I hit 199. I go get my blood work in a couple days and am interested in my results. It makes me feel better that my doctor is supportive of this WOE.

After being stalled for a week-ish, the scale is moving. Slowly but surely.  I’m trying hard to make sure I eat more than once a day. This past week was just go, go, go. I ended up making sure I had an Atkins Meal Replacement bar with me everyday that I could eat on the go so I would get some extra meals in.  That seemed to do the trick. I hate using them but I was so busy that I couldn’t work in a meals at certain point. Now I know what to do when that happens. And I need to stop scheduling so much into a day.  On the brighter side of things, I hit 207 and am only 8 lbs from 199 aka “onehundredland”. Yaaassss!!!!

Bra shopping happened. Love being smaller because regular sizes are cheaper and you can find cuter stuff! Oh and I found a Harley Quinn tee that I loved and have been eyeing in an XL and I fit into it!! So now I’m representing:


I must say that I did go into a bit of a depression last week too. After that incident where I realized that I can’t even scrape off the toppings off a pizza because of gluten transfer and getting so sick from it, I went into a funk. I LOVE pizza. It’s the perfect food for me and when I realized that I will never have another Peter Piper Pizza ever again because I don’t want to go through the pain involved, it depressed me. Someone said it was like losing someone and yea, it is. Pizza has always been there for me. It made me happy and especially PPP’s pizza. And now it’s gone. For all of you out there who do LC, what food did you miss emotionally?

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 207

Total lost: 35 lbs!!!!



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