Clothes shopping is fun again

Quick thoughts on this past week. I realized that I’m a size 16 in pants. SO happy to be able to know that. I spent the day with my Mom recently and she loves to shop. So while shopping, I tried on some more pants and shirts. I used to wear a 3x plus in tops and I now fit into a XL in regular sizes!! I actually fit into some large shirts but I don’t like shirts that hug the body too much (hot flashes make me too hot). I like some “flow” in my tops. But still, a XL!!! I bought some beautiful shirts too.

When you’re plus size, there isn’t that much of a selection. Especially if you don’t have big breasts to match. So I used to find shirts that fit well, then choose a color or design, and really there wasn’t much to chose from. I used to feel so frumpy. I would jump for joy when I found a top that actually fit and was cute. But now, I can find cute tops that fit. So now I’m purging my closet of those shirts that I don’t like but kept because they fit. And I forgot how much cheaper regular sizes are compared to plus sizes.  Next on the shopping agenda: bras.

It’s April 1st (I hate April’s Fools day, thanks Mom) and onto April’s goal of 199 by the end of the month. It’s gonna be a tough one but I’m up to the challenge. 10 lbs. I need to strive for 2.5 lbs lost a week. I stalled this week but I was super busy and not really eating right. Actually, I didn’t eat that much seeing as how I got 1 meal in because I was running everywhere. Didn’t get my fat intake where I wanted it but I got avocados for healthy fat and going to try hard to eat the way I know I need to.

Let’s do this!!!


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