Clothes shopping surprise aka “Holy Shrinking Superwoman!”

I have been putting off clothes shopping for awhile. I have so many clothes that were too small for me in my closet so why shop? This past weekend I went through my closet because I know I had clothes that were too big, specifically pants, that I had to get rid off. My work pants are too baggy. With all the walking I do, they start to sag and it’s just annoying. Plus it’s spring so spring cleaning got done too. 2 for the price of 1. I was so shocked that out of everything, only 1 pair of pants didn’t fit. I got them recently from a friend and they have no size tag so it’s a mystery. I’m thinking a size 12, maybe.

When I started this journey, I was a 22. A tight 22. I didn’t want to buy 24’s because that was, in my mind, “too big”. Then I realized that 22’s were “too big”. That was part of the trigger to lose weight. So I went shopping for pants yesterday. I was already wearing the 20’s from my closet and they were getting too loose. So I took in some 18’s (which I figured was my new size) and some 16’s to see how much more I had to lose to fit into them. I ended up getting the 16’s!! I went from a 22 to a 16!! No wonder my pants were sliding down. I’m sure the workers there were wondering why I was dancing in the fitting room. That’s a 4 size difference, right? 22, 20, 18, 16. I used to be a 12 and that’s not too far from a 12. Wow….just wow. Definitely motivated now!!

Now onto the weight loss update: I think I’m stalled at 209.  I haven’t been incorporating healthy fats into my eating and I have too. So going to try to make myself eat some avocados and see if that helps. I’ve been so busy that I’m pretty much eating when I get home and that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not healthy at all. Low in carb but not good for my body or mind.  I need to force myself to make time and get in some meals and not rush around trying to get everything done.


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