I actually played sports today…what?!

I was a huge sporty gal. I played all the sports until I blew out both my knees in my teen years. But I still was active. I loved to be active. In college, I loved going to the gym on campus and rollerblading with my friends.

Once I had kids, that all stopped. Didn’t have the time or money…or energy. But today, I went out with my husband and daughter to the park. Daughter is trying out for softball. I used to play and Hubby used to coach so we were teaching her the basics. She was actually pretty good. She seems to be a natural. After practice, I did some conditioning exercises with her and did better than her at it. LOL

We were out there for an hour and I kept up. I can’t believe that. I couldn’t have done that at the beginning of the year.

I’m pretty damn happy about that.


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