new discoveries this week (yea, baby!!!)

I realized that my clothes are getting really baggy but I don’t want to go buy new clothes yet. I wear these polo shirts for work and the inside seam on the arm band is really starting to rub the inside of my arm raw. Also, the outside seam on some pants is rubbing the outer thigh raw too. Interesting set of problems. LOL I’m just happy that the inside thigh on my jeans isn’t tearing as fast as it used too. I keep telling myself that hopefully soon I won’t have that issue anymore. Nobody tells you that fat thighs destroys the inside of your jeans from all that rubbing.

I have a close friend at work who’s anti-diet. She really hates them. A lot. I know she doesn’t agree with me changing my eating habits but this week she really looked at me and said “girl, you’re looking really really good. Keep up what you’re doing, it’s working”. That made my week!! Ever since that day, she hasn’t said anything negative about my WOE (way of eating).

We had a cookout at work and our boss used to be a chef. His food is amazing. I had a hotdog (minus bun) with mustard and relish. I also had a protein burger with all the fixings. Delish. I was kinda bummed about not having his famous baked beans because they are amazing but that’s ok. I stuck to my woe and it paid off.

Why? Because I lost a couple more pounds according to the scale and my total amount lost is 25 lbs. I’m at 217. Only 2 more pounds until I hit 215 which is a reward goal for me. I’m thinking a trip to Ulta for a highlighter is in order. Don’t know when that will be because we all know how long it sometimes takes to lose those stubborn pounds. But I’m ok with that because it took awhile to put this weight on so I know it will take time to take the weight off.

So all in all, it was a great week for my woe.

Current weight: 217

Starting weight: 242

Total lost: 25!!!


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