about ‘effin time!!

I did it. I hit 220. That one pound took forever! But I was ok with waiting because my body felt better than ever.

I tried something different this weekend. I decided to do a test and try to omit the fake sugars (and excess real sugar) out of my eating habits. Except for my coffee, I need that. I hate the taste of coffee but my dr recommended my drinking coffee to help with my sleepiness. He had me on some pills that were amazing! Then Britney Spears had that breakdown (the umbrella/shaving head incident) and I found out she was on what I was taking. I asked my doc about it and decided that I didn’t want to be on something so hardcore. So that’s when I started drinking coffee.  I’ve tried to make it in so many different ways to keep within this WOE (way of eating) but I hated the results. I hated all the different fake sweeteners that are out there. I can taste the chemicals in them. No joke. What I ended up doing was to add the heavy whipping cream for some fat and put in a very small amount of my hot cocoa mix. I call it my “Chocfee”. It makes coffee doable for me.  So my coffee is the one place where I let myself have some “bad sugar”.

Other than the coffee, I decided to cut out the fake sugars. Even sugar alcohols. In this low carb WOE, you take your carb count and subtract fiber and sugar alcohols to get your net carb count. That helps when you want to add sweet stuff (aka candy) to your diet. But for some, sugar alcohol can make you stall. I think that’s what was going on with me. I found these amazing Atkins Peanut Butter Bars that tasted like my Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Man I miss Reese’s. Anyway, these bars taste so good and I didn’t get that chemical-y aftertaste that fake sugar gives me. Plus I only eat half a bar because it’s pretty big. Bad thing is that it has sugar alcohol. So I cut those out along with some other stuff, including my “lemonade” mix that I was drinking. It’s strictly water with lemon now.

1 day. It took 1 day to see progress. I’m gonna keep doing this for a few more days. I’m most likely going to keep the sugar alcohols out. I may do the reward system: if I do good, I can reward myself with a peanut butter bar on Friday.

Next mini goal is 215. Giving myself until end of March to do that. If I can hit 210 by then, then I’ll treat myself to something really special at Ulta.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 220

Total lost: 22

As my daughter would say: YAAAASSSSS!!!!!!


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