What did I do when stress put me to the test?

It’s so easy to say “I’m going to change my habits and do this”. It’s all well meaning. Yet the big test is when life slaps you in the face and says “well how about when I throw this at you?”. I am a stress eater. Comfort food was truly that: comfort for my soul. I’ve been doing so well on this woe (way of eating). Haven’t really been tempted and so proud of that. Last week, my mom ended back in the hospital. Now first know that my mother truly is my best friend (besides my husband). She was a strict mother but a fair one. I never went through that period where I hated my mom. We truly have confided in each other over everything. I know that I’m her best friend as well. When she had her stroke back in Oct 2015, it changed everything but she survived and that was the important part. She has worked hard in her recovery and has amazed and inspired us all. I became the “mom”. I make sure she takes her med, gets to her dr appt’s., I deal with everything medical to make sure that she’s getting the best care. She has told me repeatedly that she’s feels bad that I have to deal with all this. I tell her that I love doing it for her. I would rather be in this situation, taking care of her, than not doing it because she’s gone. Not once have I seen her as a burden, as she feels like she is. She has always had my back and now I get to repay her for everything she has done for me, with love.

Anyway, she’s finally gotten to the point where all her doctors are happy with her progress. Everything has settled down and now we’re scheduling appts for 3-6 months out, instead of “we’ll see you in a month”. So when we thought she had another stroke, last week, she was so scared. She told me “I don’t mind being like this, but I don’t want to go back to where I was after my last stroke”.  She stayed overnight and they ran tons of tests to rule a stroke and mini-stroke out. I was so worried because she was worried. Not because of having to “go back” (we got this down if we had too), but because I could see the fear in her eyes. Seeing the strongest person I know go through something like that was life changing.

So I could have gone down to the cafeteria and gotten some pizza or hamburgers. I could have because that hospital has some great food. But I didn’t. Not even tempted. Why? Because my mom needs me to be healthy so I can take care of her. That’s why. I had my lowcarb protein bar and I ate that. When I went home to sleep I made me some eggs and sausage so I would have energy to deal with whatever came our way. I rose up to the challenge and faced it head on. No cheating allowed. I deserve better.

We got good news the next days. No stroke or mini-stroke. They think she had a complex migraine which can mimic signs of a stroke. We saw her neurologist yesterday and he is very pleased with her progress. Plus her aneurysm has not gotten bigger so yay!! We went out to Olive Garden to celebrate afterwards. I did not have any bread, didn’t even get tempted by it. I had lots of salad and this chicken stuffed with cheese. Totally within my food woe.

So now I feel better knowing that I wasn’t tempted to stress eat. I really am happy that I didn’t give in and that I did what was best for me.


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