That last pound is taking it sweet time. I have 1 more pound to lose before I hit my 1st mini-goal of 220. I have definitely stalled. I’m gonna try tweaking my low carb diet and see if that helps. But I am definitely not tempted to cheat. Why? Because this happens from time to time. I need to stick with it and eventually my body will start losing again.

I realize that my mental state is better too. I feel better mentally and my thinking is so much clearer. I used to constantly have these “blond moments” or “d’oh” episodes. It got to the point that if I discovered something or was confused by something I would give it a few minutes. I would eventually get it then. Those episodes were getting worse and worse. I consider myself an intelligent woman. I take pride in being smart. So when that started happening, I was getting worried. Now however, those moments are going away. We have this new system at work and no instructions on how to use it. I started messing with it trying to teach myself how to use it. I figured out some basics but it was still hard to keep that info in my head. I would go back to that system and it would take a few attempts for me to remember how to do it. These past 2 weeks, I’ve got it. I know how to get in, maneuver my way around and I figured out how to make it easier to navigate. I’ve become the go-to person for dealing with this system and I love that my brain isn’t foggy anymore.  It really helps a lot when your mind is clear.

I am loving the benefits of this low carb woe (way of eating) has brought forth. It’s just not about losing weight anymore. It’s about improving my quality of life at this point. I am so loving my life now!!


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