The Ultimate Test foodwise….well, besides every day.

Today my husband is throwing me a birthday party. Which means lots of food from my family. I insisted on Carne Asada because #1: it’s my favorite thing to come from a grill, and #2: fits into my low carb WOE (way of eating).  So on the menu is the following: Carne Asada, Grilled Chicken, hot dogs, rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, fruit, veggies and ice cream cake. Ok, I can do this. I can’t eat the rice, beans, fruit or cake but everything else is good. I didn’t tell anyone “no you can’t bring that” because I want people to enjoy the food too.

When my cousin said she was bringing me a cake and asked what kind I like, I did tell her that I can’t eat cake anymore. So that’s when she decided on ice cream cake. LOL I told her that I can’t eat that either but that I would have a tiny spoonful of ice cream. That’s all I will allow myself. I would rather have that than the cake because I’ve seen how badly my body reacts to flour. (Flashback to last week on Super Bowl Sunday: I ate some hot wings not know they had a flour coating. The next morning I was so bloated and had stomach pains all day long. The following day I was in so much pain that I ended coming home from work early. I got so sick. Like violently ill for the next day and a half. That pretty much drove the point home of how my body hates flour.)

I am having to train my mind that food is fuel. Period. Like so many people, we made food a wonderful event. Delicious food, talking, laughing and just making the meal so complete. Now I need to realize that I can still have that but I need to make good food choices. I can still have the talking, laughing, debating world issues but without the food porn that goes on with it. LOL

So today is my first real test. Family barbecue with my amazing Mexican family who excels at food porn.

Oh and I still haven’t lost that 1 lb to get me to my goal. I know it will happen but it’s being stubborn. Funny story: I got on the scale yesterday and it told me  214. I was shocked. So I did it again 5 more times to make sure I saw that right and it said 214. I backed off of it and squealed. “OMG, this is amazing, I surpassed my goal”. Then I calmed down and figured the scale was messing with me. Yup, today I’m back at 221. That’s ok though. That 214 experience just motivated me. I know eventually I will get there.


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