Hella Happy!

I set my first goal on this WOE (way of eating) as 220 by my birthday. I wasn’t sure if I could hit that because that would be 22lbs to have to lose. Well, I hit 221 and my bday is in 2 days!  Wow, one more lb to go and I hit it. I’m so encouraged right now. I had hit a stall in my progress in the past but I just kept at it and I’m so glad I did. So now I can do this, I cannot let myself miss that goal.

I will say trying to change my eating habits has been challenging. Not only in addition to me, but my friends and family have also found it hard. They always are offering me food and I would accept it. Nowadays, I don’t but they still try. “C’mon, you can have a little”, “you gotta treat yourself” or “this is no way for you to live” comes out of their mouths a lot. I’ve gotten good at saying no. I will say that my husband and daughter are getting better at supporting me. My husband is making little changes to his eating habits. Before we go out to eat, he’ll ask if I can eat at certain places so I’m not tempted.  My daughter, who was pretty vocal about my “restrictions”, has backed off and is trying to understand what I can and can’t eat. It’s easier now that I feel like they’re onboard.

One more pound. Next update, I should have hit my goal. Wow.

Current: 221

Total lost: 21 lbs


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