So I can still eat pizza?!

Yes!! I can eat the cheesy goodness that is pizza. Pizza is a perfect food, in my world. When I went to college my mom said “you cannot eat pizza everyday”. Well, she was wrong. LOL  I love it so much that I ordered it whenever I could. We had a Dominoes that was located in a strip mall that was in my dorm parking lot. I ordered so much from that place that when I went on a “health kick”, they called me to see  if I was ok because they hadn’t heard from me. Now mind you, I ate it often but I had a the metabolism to burn it off. I weighed around 125 then.

I was worried that this low carb experiment would mean no more pizza. I can have the cheese, pepperoni and sausage but no flour. No crust?! That’s part of the love. So thanks to the wonderful FB low carb page I’m on, they suggested trying the FatHead pizza dough recipe. It works. It’s not exactly like regular pizza dough but it’s good enough. And c’mon, it’s made mainly of mozzarella cheese. I go to Walmart for my almond flour. I learned there are 2 versions: Blanched (around $11) and Unblanched (around $4-5). Blanched just means that they took off the skin off the almonds. I tried the unblanched and it was good enough so I’m sticking to that.

I hope you try it. You may have to play around with it a little. I learned not to use too much almond flour. Plus you’ll have to figure out the thickness of the “dough” before you cook it. I use Prego Spicy Sausage spaghetti sauce as my pizza sauce (not a lot of it) because it tastes so good!

Let me know what you think of it.

FatHead pizza dough recipe

Yes, you can have pizza guilt free!!!



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