What a week!

This week has been very emotional. My mother-in-law passed away after a few days in the hospital. Took us by shock. We really thought she’d pull through. We were there with her when she passed and I’m glad she knew that. Emotions all over the place. Our relationship with her was different, for lack of a better word. My husband definitely treated his mother better than she treated him and I am proud that he was a great son to her.

My health has been crazy lately. I caught the cooties going around work right after Christmas and I can’t shake it. I feel for the most part fine except that I lost my voice and have this horrible cough. It’s weird to be sick yet have all this energy and feel great, in a crazy way.

I have stuck to my changes that I decided to make and have lost more weight. Yay!! It’s working. After not seeing the scale move for a couple of weeks (yet feel my clothes get looser), it’s nice to see movement. I have a mini goal of 220 by my birthday in a week and it’s really doable. I lost 5 lbs last week so if I stick to it, I can lose 5 this week and attain my goal.  I feel so motivated!!  I feel bad for not thinking low carb would work for years and here it is, the one thing that’s actually working.

Current weight: 225

Total weight lost: 17lbs


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