…this time with feeling

How to start out? New year, new me? Nope,  I like pretty much most of me. In with the new, out with the old? Naw, too typical of a new year beginning. I think “…this time with feeling” sums it up.  I didn’t go the usual resolution route. Been there too many times. Do well for awhile and then it goes out the window. So I really looked at what I wanted to be different in my life and decided that if I can do something to change it, I need to hold myself accountable and DO IT! Accountability. It’s what it comes down to. Am I holding myself accountable? Am I giving in because something is too hard? Am I making excuses to stop? Why do I put myself last?  I realized that I am worth fighting for. So here it goes. Accountability. To myself. And so let’s do this…this time with feeling.


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