about ‘effin time!!

I did it. I hit 220. That one pound took forever! But I was ok with waiting because my body felt better than ever.

I tried something different this weekend. I decided to do a test and try to omit the fake sugars (and excess real sugar) out of my eating habits. Except for my coffee, I need that. I hate the taste of coffee but my dr recommended my drinking coffee to help with my sleepiness. He had me on some pills that were amazing! Then Britney Spears had that breakdown (the umbrella/shaving head incident) and I found out she was on what I was taking. I asked my doc about it and decided that I didn’t want to be on something so hardcore. So that’s when I started drinking coffee.  I’ve tried to make it in so many different ways to keep within this WOE (way of eating) but I hated the results. I hated all the different fake sweeteners that are out there. I can taste the chemicals in them. No joke. What I ended up doing was to add the heavy whipping cream for some fat and put in a very small amount of my hot cocoa mix. I call it my “Chocfee”. It makes coffee doable for me.  So my coffee is the one place where I let myself have some “bad sugar”.

Other than the coffee, I decided to cut out the fake sugars. Even sugar alcohols. In this low carb WOE, you take your carb count and subtract fiber and sugar alcohols to get your net carb count. That helps when you want to add sweet stuff (aka candy) to your diet. But for some, sugar alcohol can make you stall. I think that’s what was going on with me. I found these amazing Atkins Peanut Butter Bars that tasted like my Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Man I miss Reese’s. Anyway, these bars taste so good and I didn’t get that chemical-y aftertaste that fake sugar gives me. Plus I only eat half a bar because it’s pretty big. Bad thing is that it has sugar alcohol. So I cut those out along with some other stuff, including my “lemonade” mix that I was drinking. It’s strictly water with lemon now.

1 day. It took 1 day to see progress. I’m gonna keep doing this for a few more days. I’m most likely going to keep the sugar alcohols out. I may do the reward system: if I do good, I can reward myself with a peanut butter bar on Friday.

Next mini goal is 215. Giving myself until end of March to do that. If I can hit 210 by then, then I’ll treat myself to something really special at Ulta.

Starting weight: 242

Current weight: 220

Total lost: 22

As my daughter would say: YAAAASSSSS!!!!!!


What did I do when stress put me to the test?

It’s so easy to say “I’m going to change my habits and do this”. It’s all well meaning. Yet the big test is when life slaps you in the face and says “well how about when I throw this at you?”. I am a stress eater. Comfort food was truly that: comfort for my soul. I’ve been doing so well on this woe (way of eating). Haven’t really been tempted and so proud of that. Last week, my mom ended back in the hospital. Now first know that my mother truly is my best friend (besides my husband). She was a strict mother but a fair one. I never went through that period where I hated my mom. We truly have confided in each other over everything. I know that I’m her best friend as well. When she had her stroke back in Oct 2015, it changed everything but she survived and that was the important part. She has worked hard in her recovery and has amazed and inspired us all. I became the “mom”. I make sure she takes her med, gets to her dr appt’s., I deal with everything medical to make sure that she’s getting the best care. She has told me repeatedly that she’s feels bad that I have to deal with all this. I tell her that I love doing it for her. I would rather be in this situation, taking care of her, than not doing it because she’s gone. Not once have I seen her as a burden, as she feels like she is. She has always had my back and now I get to repay her for everything she has done for me, with love.

Anyway, she’s finally gotten to the point where all her doctors are happy with her progress. Everything has settled down and now we’re scheduling appts for 3-6 months out, instead of “we’ll see you in a month”. So when we thought she had another stroke, last week, she was so scared. She told me “I don’t mind being like this, but I don’t want to go back to where I was after my last stroke”.  She stayed overnight and they ran tons of tests to rule a stroke and mini-stroke out. I was so worried because she was worried. Not because of having to “go back” (we got this down if we had too), but because I could see the fear in her eyes. Seeing the strongest person I know go through something like that was life changing.

So I could have gone down to the cafeteria and gotten some pizza or hamburgers. I could have because that hospital has some great food. But I didn’t. Not even tempted. Why? Because my mom needs me to be healthy so I can take care of her. That’s why. I had my lowcarb protein bar and I ate that. When I went home to sleep I made me some eggs and sausage so I would have energy to deal with whatever came our way. I rose up to the challenge and faced it head on. No cheating allowed. I deserve better.

We got good news the next days. No stroke or mini-stroke. They think she had a complex migraine which can mimic signs of a stroke. We saw her neurologist yesterday and he is very pleased with her progress. Plus her aneurysm has not gotten bigger so yay!! We went out to Olive Garden to celebrate afterwards. I did not have any bread, didn’t even get tempted by it. I had lots of salad and this chicken stuffed with cheese. Totally within my food woe.

So now I feel better knowing that I wasn’t tempted to stress eat. I really am happy that I didn’t give in and that I did what was best for me.


That last pound is taking it sweet time. I have 1 more pound to lose before I hit my 1st mini-goal of 220. I have definitely stalled. I’m gonna try tweaking my low carb diet and see if that helps. But I am definitely not tempted to cheat. Why? Because this happens from time to time. I need to stick with it and eventually my body will start losing again.

I realize that my mental state is better too. I feel better mentally and my thinking is so much clearer. I used to constantly have these “blond moments” or “d’oh” episodes. It got to the point that if I discovered something or was confused by something I would give it a few minutes. I would eventually get it then. Those episodes were getting worse and worse. I consider myself an intelligent woman. I take pride in being smart. So when that started happening, I was getting worried. Now however, those moments are going away. We have this new system at work and no instructions on how to use it. I started messing with it trying to teach myself how to use it. I figured out some basics but it was still hard to keep that info in my head. I would go back to that system and it would take a few attempts for me to remember how to do it. These past 2 weeks, I’ve got it. I know how to get in, maneuver my way around and I figured out how to make it easier to navigate. I’ve become the go-to person for dealing with this system and I love that my brain isn’t foggy anymore.  It really helps a lot when your mind is clear.

I am loving the benefits of this low carb woe (way of eating) has brought forth. It’s just not about losing weight anymore. It’s about improving my quality of life at this point. I am so loving my life now!!

Feeling pretty great for 48!

I’m 48!!! So I didn’t hit my goal. That 1 lb is being stubborn but I’m still happy. 21 lbs lighter since I started, my health is better, I have so much energy  and I got to be with my family yesterday. Life’s just getting so much better!

Did I go off my woe yesterday at my party? Nope!! I was good! Not even really tempted. While everyone had cake, I had frozen Cool whip with half of a chopped up Atkins peanut butter bar. It was soooo delish!

It’s going to be a great year!

The Ultimate Test foodwise….well, besides every day.

Today my husband is throwing me a birthday party. Which means lots of food from my family. I insisted on Carne Asada because #1: it’s my favorite thing to come from a grill, and #2: fits into my low carb WOE (way of eating).  So on the menu is the following: Carne Asada, Grilled Chicken, hot dogs, rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, fruit, veggies and ice cream cake. Ok, I can do this. I can’t eat the rice, beans, fruit or cake but everything else is good. I didn’t tell anyone “no you can’t bring that” because I want people to enjoy the food too.

When my cousin said she was bringing me a cake and asked what kind I like, I did tell her that I can’t eat cake anymore. So that’s when she decided on ice cream cake. LOL I told her that I can’t eat that either but that I would have a tiny spoonful of ice cream. That’s all I will allow myself. I would rather have that than the cake because I’ve seen how badly my body reacts to flour. (Flashback to last week on Super Bowl Sunday: I ate some hot wings not know they had a flour coating. The next morning I was so bloated and had stomach pains all day long. The following day I was in so much pain that I ended coming home from work early. I got so sick. Like violently ill for the next day and a half. That pretty much drove the point home of how my body hates flour.)

I am having to train my mind that food is fuel. Period. Like so many people, we made food a wonderful event. Delicious food, talking, laughing and just making the meal so complete. Now I need to realize that I can still have that but I need to make good food choices. I can still have the talking, laughing, debating world issues but without the food porn that goes on with it. LOL

So today is my first real test. Family barbecue with my amazing Mexican family who excels at food porn.

Oh and I still haven’t lost that 1 lb to get me to my goal. I know it will happen but it’s being stubborn. Funny story: I got on the scale yesterday and it told me  214. I was shocked. So I did it again 5 more times to make sure I saw that right and it said 214. I backed off of it and squealed. “OMG, this is amazing, I surpassed my goal”. Then I calmed down and figured the scale was messing with me. Yup, today I’m back at 221. That’s ok though. That 214 experience just motivated me. I know eventually I will get there.

Hella Happy!

I set my first goal on this WOE (way of eating) as 220 by my birthday. I wasn’t sure if I could hit that because that would be 22lbs to have to lose. Well, I hit 221 and my bday is in 2 days!  Wow, one more lb to go and I hit it. I’m so encouraged right now. I had hit a stall in my progress in the past but I just kept at it and I’m so glad I did. So now I can do this, I cannot let myself miss that goal.

I will say trying to change my eating habits has been challenging. Not only in addition to me, but my friends and family have also found it hard. They always are offering me food and I would accept it. Nowadays, I don’t but they still try. “C’mon, you can have a little”, “you gotta treat yourself” or “this is no way for you to live” comes out of their mouths a lot. I’ve gotten good at saying no. I will say that my husband and daughter are getting better at supporting me. My husband is making little changes to his eating habits. Before we go out to eat, he’ll ask if I can eat at certain places so I’m not tempted.  My daughter, who was pretty vocal about my “restrictions”, has backed off and is trying to understand what I can and can’t eat. It’s easier now that I feel like they’re onboard.

One more pound. Next update, I should have hit my goal. Wow.

Current: 221

Total lost: 21 lbs

So I can still eat pizza?!

Yes!! I can eat the cheesy goodness that is pizza. Pizza is a perfect food, in my world. When I went to college my mom said “you cannot eat pizza everyday”. Well, she was wrong. LOL  I love it so much that I ordered it whenever I could. We had a Dominoes that was located in a strip mall that was in my dorm parking lot. I ordered so much from that place that when I went on a “health kick”, they called me to see  if I was ok because they hadn’t heard from me. Now mind you, I ate it often but I had a the metabolism to burn it off. I weighed around 125 then.

I was worried that this low carb experiment would mean no more pizza. I can have the cheese, pepperoni and sausage but no flour. No crust?! That’s part of the love. So thanks to the wonderful FB low carb page I’m on, they suggested trying the FatHead pizza dough recipe. It works. It’s not exactly like regular pizza dough but it’s good enough. And c’mon, it’s made mainly of mozzarella cheese. I go to Walmart for my almond flour. I learned there are 2 versions: Blanched (around $11) and Unblanched (around $4-5). Blanched just means that they took off the skin off the almonds. I tried the unblanched and it was good enough so I’m sticking to that.

I hope you try it. You may have to play around with it a little. I learned not to use too much almond flour. Plus you’ll have to figure out the thickness of the “dough” before you cook it. I use Prego Spicy Sausage spaghetti sauce as my pizza sauce (not a lot of it) because it tastes so good!

Let me know what you think of it.

FatHead pizza dough recipe

Yes, you can have pizza guilt free!!!


What a week!

This week has been very emotional. My mother-in-law passed away after a few days in the hospital. Took us by shock. We really thought she’d pull through. We were there with her when she passed and I’m glad she knew that. Emotions all over the place. Our relationship with her was different, for lack of a better word. My husband definitely treated his mother better than she treated him and I am proud that he was a great son to her.

My health has been crazy lately. I caught the cooties going around work right after Christmas and I can’t shake it. I feel for the most part fine except that I lost my voice and have this horrible cough. It’s weird to be sick yet have all this energy and feel great, in a crazy way.

I have stuck to my changes that I decided to make and have lost more weight. Yay!! It’s working. After not seeing the scale move for a couple of weeks (yet feel my clothes get looser), it’s nice to see movement. I have a mini goal of 220 by my birthday in a week and it’s really doable. I lost 5 lbs last week so if I stick to it, I can lose 5 this week and attain my goal.  I feel so motivated!!  I feel bad for not thinking low carb would work for years and here it is, the one thing that’s actually working.

Current weight: 225

Total weight lost: 17lbs