Lent for the Cafeteria Catholic

So I’m Catholic…ish. I consider myself a Cafeteria Catholic. I pick and choose what I need from Catholicism.  I was raised Catholic but the scandal turned me away from it. I turned back to the church in my 20’s but I don’t agree 100% with the cburch. I fight for gay rights. I have no problem with living together before marriage. So many other things the church and I don’t see eye to eye on. I  call myself a Cafeteria Catholic because of that.

Onto the point of all this. Every year it’s the same thing: what do I give up for Lent? I keep joking that I’m going to give up cocaine. That’s a joke, I’m very anti-drug. But it is stressful. However, I decided to give up something that will benefit this new lifestyle change
So, I’m giving up Coke. The only time I’m allowing myself to drink it is if I have a migraine and Excedrine Migraine isn’t working. Plus I’m giving up my hamburger habit. Only 1 a week. That’s hard for me but they say it takes 20 some days to form a new habit. The Lent season is about a month and a half. So let’s see how it goes.


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