Excuses, excuses aka lying to myself…

For years, I lied to myself. I convinced myself that I was happy with the way I was. I was ok with being overweight. I was big boned. I was busy. I was….(fill in the blank). Now that I’ve lost so much weight, I realize that I was just making excuses and lying to myself.

And that was an eyeopening moment for myself. I hear people telling themselves the same thing and I have to bite my tongue to not go off on them. I want to say “there is a better way! Invest in yourself and you can do it!” .  But we all have to get to that point ourselves. I just tell them that when they’re ready, that I’m here for them and will help them get started on their own journey. Ultimately, it’s our OWN journey.

Here’s my excuses…well, a small list of my excuses. It could go on for days if you get me talking.


How did I do Keto-wise in August?

Well…. good…and not good. The beginning was hard but it got better after my fall off the keto wagon. Pick myself up, dust off the carbs and back at it!!!

So no more actual pound goal. Now I have a weight area to hit. Check out my update to hear about it. Any tips for me if you have been doing keto long term?

…so this is how I did keto-wise in July

I had a goal for the month of July. Did I hit it? Did I fail? Success?  Breakdown?

A little of everything. I posted on YouTube my August keto update. The video is down below. It helps that my husband is doing keto with me. I actually did finish the month out strong. I started July horribly but it shows that you can turn things around.

I have 10 days left in August and can’t wait to see how it ends. I had a couple of lows but I do feel like I’m getting a good foothold on this journey!


5 things I wish I knew starting keto…

Keto. Ketogenic. Lifestyle change.

It’s a huge undertaking. Not going to lie about that. But this is the best thing I could have done for my health. I am healthier. I have mental clarity. I added more years to my life. I get to spend more time with my husband, kids and future grandchildren.

Looking back on my journey, I realized that there are things I wish I knew from the beginning. And not just about the food part of keto, I’m talking about the mental game it plays with you. Everything changes and it messes with you. For some it’s becoming a new person they never knew. I know someone who lost so much weight that they didn’t recognize the person in the mirror because they never knew themselves as thin. They only knew the overweight version of themselves. For me it was the opposite. When i was heavy, I would think “OMG is that me?!”. Now that I’m losing weight, I can see the “old” version of myself coming back and I think “there you are!! I knew you were in there!”.

I made a video on the 5 things I wish I knew starting keto. I hope it can help give some advice and insight to those who are on this journey. We are a pretty big community and helping each other is a good thing. If you have any other things to add, comment down below, either in this post or in the comment section of the video. I’m thinking of doing an update to this video and any suggestions would be more than welcome. Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe. That would be greatly appreciated.

And as I say, you got this!!!


My Loot Crate is filled with reptiles!!

I’m a huge geek. Sci fi, comic, any thing geeky I love. Therefore I love geek culture. I’m a sucker for it. So naturally we subscribe to Loot Crate. It’s an amazing subscription box and we get it pretty much every month. I do unboxings on my YouTube channel of them. I just uploaded our July Loot Crate box and it’s primarily Jurassic Park and Godzilla…oh and the Hulk makes an appearance too!


Check it out and like and subscribe if you can! Let me know what item you liked best:

Walmart has a Beauty Box. No…really, they do.

So…in addition to keto, I am obsessed with beauty and geek culture. So much so that I signed up for a few subscription boxes in those areas.  I’m going to post my unboxings on my blog so here goes the one I just got.

I discovered a while back that Walmart has a beauty box. Let that sink in. In the world of all these subscription boxes, Walmart joined the game. Funny thing is that I actually really like them.

Basically they say it’s free and that you only pay $5 for shipping. You get multiple trial sizes and they usually throw in a full size in the box. Plus you get coupons sometimes too. I’ve actually have discovered some new favorites from the WM Boxes. They’re a seasonal box so you get them every 3 months (although it seems like they’re coming more rapidly, which I don’t mind).

I’ve actually have gotten a few friends hook on this box. If beauty isn’t your thing, they also have a mens box and a baby box.  If you look on the website, it varies but they’ll list them on there. It’s a great way to try out new things for a really inexpensive price. Plus you do get some full size stuff every now and then.  I once got a Roc Serum that was worth $20 in my box!!

Check out the video and see if you’d like something like this. But be warned, subscription boxes are amazing and once you get one, you get another and next thing…BAM… you’re hooked too.

All the links to the box and items are in the description box of the video. And don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to share!

So you wanna start keto…

So it seems that Keto is everywhere! It’s the new “fad diet”. Which I hate hearing that because this really is about changing your eating habits for life. It’s not something that I’m going to do for awhile and then go back to my unhealthy ways. First of all, I was big because of all the carbs. I can get down weight-wise where I am loving my body (for the first time in ages!!) but if I start the carbs again, I’m going to go back to that unhealthy version of myself. Why do all this hard work to just go back?

So I get asked “how do I start Keto?”. I put a “Starting out with Keto” video on my YouTube channel where I address this. Check it out and subscribe if you liked it and want to see more keto videos. I have a whole Keto Series going on there.

Keto Series begins…

So I started a YouTube channel: heyMommaToni . I talk about different topics: keto, beauty and geek culture subscription box unboxings, general life stories, motivational videos and recently I started a Keto Series of videos.

I’ve had so many friends start keto and I get asked a lot for advice so I figured why not make videos? This is the first one in the series, it’s about my journey. Why I started Keto, the outcome of doing it for a year and why I’ve recommitted to it.  I’ll be posting a video every few days that I’ve uploaded to that series until I’m caught up and then I’ll post here when I post on YouTube. If you’re doing keto, I wish you the best of luck! It’s been life changing and I hope you have an amazing journey!!


Sometimes I just need a snack…a keto snack

Ever since I started keto I have had TONS of energy so I’m out and about.  And now that I’m in a new job position and gave up my weekends (yea, I know but it’s a great job!), I’m definitely go, go go!!! I spend my days off taking my mom to her doctor appointments so I’m gone all day. I find myself out and sometimes I can’t just swing into McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat.  Well, I can, I eat 2 sausage patties from there. But you know what I mean. I needed a snack bar I could throw in my purse that would be small and good to eat when hungers hit me but stay within Keto.  Jerky is my go-to snack but those bags get huge sometimes and every now and then I want something sweet.

So I found myself in Trader Joe’s and found some bars that could do the job. RXbars, Protein Crunch and Quest bars. Then at Walmart I found that they carry them all too plus they carry ThinkThin and these amazing One bars.

I filmed a video discussing taste, texture, net carbs and the after effects. Some have sugar alcohol and I get ….um….gassy when I eat them. And when you realized that I ate these over the course of 4-5 days, I has some mild “stomach discomfort”. But I did it for research so you all could know the facts on these. I did have some favorites and some I just didn’t like at all. That chocolate cake one I’m looking forward to eating with some CoolWhip on top!!  Now keep in mind that some you can eat the entire package and some I recommend just half a bar to keep you within net carbs for Keto. But they’re so rich that half a bar would do.

Tell me what you think of the video and don’t forget to subscribe! Also comment in the comment section if you know of any other bars I should try for a Part II video!


6 months later….

Can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I last uploaded here. SO much has gone on. Not much weight loss but I’ve been holding steady.  Let’s hit the major points:

Work:  I changed job positions at my company but we’re sorely understaffed and I’ve been working way too much and dealing with way too much stress. I’ve been doing my old and new job. The light at the end of tunnel is pretty close so things will be calming down soon…I hope.

My new hobby: I started a YouTube channel. Yes, I finally did it!! I cover a wide range of topics. I love makeup so I do unboxings. I love geek culture so we do geek unboxings too. But my latest love is my Keto Series. I have so many people asking me questions about keto that I started making videos addressing those questions. Plus is it me or is keto the latest “fad” in the weight loss world?  I stress that it’s a lifestyle change, not a fad. I am very impressed with the way it’s changed some of my friends’ lives.

Here’s the link to my Keto Series. Check it out and subscribe, I could use the subscribers and comment on what you’d like to see me address next time :  My Keto Series!!


I’ll be uploading my individual YouTube videos on here but feel free to check me out. My channel name is “heyMommaToni”.  I also have an a Facebook page: heyMommaToni on Facebook .  Plus I’m on instagram too: heyMommaToni on Instagram